What does kilometer post mean

By Carlo Jeff

Posted on Jan 21, 2019

Have you ever heard of a kilometer post? Or have you ever seen one maybe? It may be tough for some to know what a kilometer post is and reading it can be even more challenging. We've become so dependent on technology and the internet that we don't really pay attention to obsolete ways of navigation. If you think that GPS and social media is your only way to get from one place to another then you need to recognize what kilometer posts are.

 Kilometer Post


Kilometer posts are the concrete markings that you can see on the sides of the road. These act as mini landmarks and has distance information written on it. They're usually colored with yellow and white paint to make them easily visible to driver's and passenger's eyes. To people who aren't aware of what a kilometer really does or how it really works then take a good read at our description below.


  • For starters, kilometer posts are more commonly referred to as kilometer markers.
  • The marker has a big "KM" written on it that one can instantly recognize as "kilometer".
  • There should be a number below the two letters and these actually mean your distance from the capital city of the Philippines which is Manila. This is also referred to as the distance from "KM 0". Kilometer-zero is the kilometer markers located all over Luneta in Manila. So if you're still not getting the jist, this means that kilometer markers located all over the Philippines can all be traced back to the capital city.
  • Below the numbers under the big "KM" sign is a single letter. Can you make a guess as to what this letter means? Well if you can't, then you might as well let us tell you that it's actually the initial of the next town you're headed for. For example, you're somewhere in Bulacan and you see this kilometer marker that showed "0036" under the big KM letters and a single letter "P" under that. So you can simply read that the information posted there means that you are currently 36 kilometers away from Luneta and that the next town, city or municipality starts with a letter "P" - which in this case, means Plaridel.
  • Under that single letter, there should also be a digit or digits that determine how many kilometers more you will need to travel to get to the next city. In the case of the example we used above, Plaridel should be 6 kilometers away from Bulacan; so 6 should be written below the letter "P".
  • Since this is a very useful information, it's also good to remember that if you happen to spot a kilometer marker on the left side of the road, that means you're direction of travel is headed towards Manila and if it's in the opposite side, you can very well expect that you're going farther from the nation's capital.


This applies to the entire country and can be found in all major highways or better known as the Philippine Pan Highway. This starts all the way from Ilocos Norte and stretches to the tail of Mindanao. So if your phone happens to run out of batteries or your GPS is giving you a hard time, know that there are kilometer post that you can count on.

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