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Insurance Claim Guidelines

1. Photocopy of Insurance policy and Official receipt.

2. Photocopy of endorsement(if any)

3. Photocopy of car registration and registration receipt.

4 Pictures of damaged portion.(Include plate number)

5. Photocopy of Driver's license and Official receipt.

6. Estimates of repair from accredited motorshop or dealer.

7.Original police report: and/or duly notarized affidavit of driver

(if the circumstances are not clear in the police report)



  • Processing of claims will start only after the above requirements has been submitted.
  • Never have your unit repaired without the approval of company's claims department. This may result to denial of claim. UNAUTHORIZED REPAIR
  • In case unit is disabled, you are required to make an arrangement for safe keeping as indicated in the policy.
  • Immediate repair shall be applied if the estimate of repair is within your insurance settling authority.
  • Liason Officer will inform you within 7days the schedule of repair if the estimate of repair go beyond your insurance settling authority.
  • For every claim/accident claimnant is required to pay the assured's Deductible Franchise and Betterments for all replaced parts.