Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation is formerly the Sincere Insurance Company, Inc. Which was incorporated in 1960. The Lucio Tan Group of Companies (LTGC) acquired 100% ownership of the company in 1980 and changed its name to Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation.


Award Received:

Alliedbankers Award



Claims Assistance

  • 24/7 Accident Assitance Hotline (we will assit the client during an accident espcially in dealing with Thirdparty)
  • Adjuster Coordination Service
  • Referral to Authority Assistance
  • Claims Report Service
  • Claims Requirement Assitance
  • Legal Assistance Refferal

Vehicle Assistance

  • Towing Assitance (Cover up to 4,500.00 max. of 3 events)
  • Removal of the Vehicle (Cover up to 10,000.00 max. of 3 events)
  • Minor On-site Repairs(Cover up to 1,200.00 max. of 3 events)
  • Motor Shop Referral

Personal Assistance

  • Hotel Accomodation (if vehicle can't be repaired Cover up to 4,000 per night max. of 2 consecutive nights must be 25km away)
  • Alternative Travel Assitance
  • Referral Assitance
  • Return to Mortal Remains
  • Emergency Message Assitance
  • Mediphone Assitance
  • Traffic Updates
  • Road Direction

Protection Assistance

  • Secuirty Assitance
  • Carnapping Assistance


Road Ally

"Your Roadside Assistance Ally"

HOTLINE:(02) 852-2559




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