Vigattin Insurance is owned and operated by Vigattin Inc., an IT firm developing websites and applications that are relevant to today's generation. The Vigattin Team is composed of highly innovative and competitive IT professionals who are honed and molded by Vigattin's vision and mission. They have strong passion and determined to succeed. So far, Vigattin has developed four websites. These websites are vigattin.com, a social networking and photo sharing site; vigattintourism.com, a Philippine tourism and travel website; vigattintrade.com, a buy and sell site; and vigattindeals.com, a group-buying site. The company is also the executive producer of Vigattin Radio at Radyo Inquirer 990AM that airs every Saturday, 10 – 11 in the morning.

Vigattin is both a business and a cause. Because our team believes in the power of giving back, part of our foreseeable income will be donated to a deserving foundation while another part will be given to the new graduates currently employed in our firm.


  • Free Ambulance
  • Emergency towing due to mechanical breakdown or car accident (up to 4,000)
  • Removal of vehicle (up to 15,000)
  • Alternative travel (up to 2,000, max. of 2 nights)
  • Minor on site repair
  • Fuel delivery
  • Battery boosting/jumpstarting
  • Locksmith service
  • Tire replacement
  • Personal assistance

           Stay or travel due to breakdown (48 hours vehicle repair)

           Continuation of journey

           Transfer to place of residence or destination, or

           Payment of travelling expenses to place of destination - Php2,000 max

  • Info service (Metro Manila only)

           Claims procedure/ documentation requirements

           Accredited Repair Shops

           Accredited Adjusters

           24/7 Traffic Information and Road Condition

           Nearest Gasoline Station

           Emergency Numbers ( Police, Hospital, Fire Station, etc)

           Weather Information

           Basic information in nearest hotels

           General information (Currency, Holidays, Area, Codes)

           Dining information (Restaurants, Loungers, Bars)

           Shopping Malls and Bargain Centers

           Flight information online ( Booking excluded)

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