QBE Insurance (Philippines), Inc. has been renamed QBE Seaboard Insurance Philippines, Inc. (‘QBE Seaboard’). As an enlarged organisation with global strength and local market expertise, QBE Seaboard is positioned to deliver world-class commercial and retail products through its broker and agent partners nationwide. The company has two major divisions: the Corporate Division supplies property & engineering, marine & aviation, general liability and professional liability products to both multinational and local corporations in the Philippines, while the Retail Division provides motor and personal accident products to personal lines customers.


Queensland Insurance, Bankers' and Traders' Insurance Company, and Equitable Life and General Insurance Co.

The growth of QBE, nationally and internationally, is the story of an institution that for more than 127 years has played a significant part in Australian commercial history.

In October 1886, two young Scotsmen, James Burns and Robert Philp, established QBE’s foundation company, The North Queensland Insurance Company Limited (QI). By 1890, QI had established over 36 agencies in locations including London, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

In 1904, the company opened its own offices on Fenchurch Street London. In 1924, QI opened offices in New York.

In 1921, Burns founded the Bankers’ and Traders’ Insurance Company (B&T), with QI being the largest shareholder. The name Traders’ was derived from the Burns and Philp-founded South Sea Islands trading firm Burns Philp and Company, which also had a shareholding in the insurance firm. The Bankers’ was derived from the Royal Bank of Canada-owned Montreal Trust Company, which also had a stake in the venture.

In 1959, QI and B&T each purchased 40% of The Equitable Probate and General Insurance Company, with Burns Philp taking the other 20%. In 1973, QI and B&T merged and took the name QBE Insurance.

The Q was taken from Queensland Insurance, B from Bankers' and Traders' and E from The Equitable Probate and General Insurance Company that had been already acquired by both companies.

In 1991, QBE and the trading company Burns Philp ended their 105-year-old partnership when they unwound their cross-shareholdings in each other.

QBE has since become one of the top 20 insurers and reinsurers worldwide, growing its gross written premium from $1 billion in 1994 to more than $17 billion in 2013.

We look forward to the future with the same excitement, determination and enthusiasm that our founders did in 1886.


24-Hour Roadside Assist Program: (CarFix.ph)

(Service Provider:CarFix.ph)

1.     FREE Towing Services of up to PHP4,000.00 in the event that the enrolled vehicles is immobilized due to accident or breakdown

2.     FREE Crane Service up to PHP8,000.00/single event for removal of the covered vehicle requiring the use of a crane.

3.     FREE Service for minor on-site repairs such as battery boosting, jump start, cleaning of fuel lines and changing of tires. Other than the services for minor roadside repairs, cost of materials, parts, etc. shall be for the account of the Member/Beneficiary.

The Member/Beneficiary is entitled to a Maximum of three (3) availments only per year with the respect to any combination of the above services.

FREE services:

4.     Referral to Accredited Repair Centers

The Member may contact CarFix.ph to arrange for referral to the nearest authorized repair/service center. ASIA-ONE can also be requested for assistance to arrange prior appointment for the Member if so required.

5.     Claims Information

CarFix.ph can provide general information on required insurance claim documents, when requested by the Member.

6.     Emergency Message Relay

In the event of an emergency following breakdown or accident involving the named vehicle, CarFix.ph shall endeavor to keep the Member’s next of kin informed.

Free Assistance and Services by Arrangement:

The Member/Beneficiary may also request ASSISTANCE throughCarFix.ph Call Centers in coordinating the following services: (All expenses shall be for the account of the Member/Beneficiary)

7.     Replacement Vehicle/Return of the Driver

Should the Member/Beneficiary require a car replacement in the event of Breakdown or Accident, CarFix.ph can assist to arrange for the transportation to bring the Member to his destination or to return the Driver to his residence.

8.     Hotel Accommodation

In the event of Breakdown or Accident when the Insured unit is totally immobilized and would require removal or towing, CarFix.ph can assist to arrange hotel accommodation for the Member/Driver.

9.     Locksmith Assistance

In the event that a member may have lost or misplaced the key of the enrolled vehicle, CarFix.ph can dispatch a professional locksmith. The cost of key replacement shall be borne by the Member/Beneficiary.

10.  Ambulance Assistance and Hospital Admission

In case the member is injured from a vehicular accident involving the enrolled vehicle, the Member may request CarFix.ph to assist in dispatching an ambulance to transport the Member to and/or from the hospital and assist also the Member in arranging for his hospital admission.

11.  Car-napping Alarm Assistance

CarFix.ph shall assist the Member in reporting the carnapping incident to the nearest police station, detachment or any law enforcement agencies.

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